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“Ghost World Breakfast”

Posted in Cave Paintings by Michael Grace, Jr on November 20, 2008

Just a quick post…

So tonight is the release party gig for our new e.p., and i’m actually a bit nervous. Due to last months show at Mondo being moved to December, its been over two months since we played. Now we’ve made good use of that time in the studio, but I’ve got some moths fluttering in my belly…


…which might have something to do with the 6 cups of coffee I had this morning at the Jackson Hole “Air line” Diner off the Grand Central Parkway in Queens. The waitress coming by to fill the bottomless cup becomes almost hypnotic. I lost all sense of time and space. Maybe it’s the Twin Peaks dvds i’ve been watching for the first time in (gulp) 18 years. It’s the first time for my better half, so it’s interesting to see how she views them in the context of a very different time. Anyway, Agent Cooper basically made coffee into a religion. I blame the rise of Starbucks in the 90s on him. Oh no I don’t. He’s without sin, if any of us are.dalecoffee

I took the day off to practice, fold t-shirts and shoot off some last minute invites. Have you ever read the comic Ghost World by Dan Clowes? The movie is pretty good too actually, but the comic is high art. The characters go to this fake 50s diner in the comic, I can’t remember the name, in a setting that comes to signify the lead character’s pathological relationship with nostalgia. I sometimes think that if a University would just give me a cushy job and an office (Stony Brook or Yale), I could do some really good writing on the subject. I think nostalgia is the persuasive occult force which holds us together during this current era of “progress.” Snarky air quotes.


I’d probably start smoking a pipe like my grandfather Joe did. He was like the Professor Of The Block (as opposed to The Pope of Greenwich Village) in Glendale Queens when I was a little kid. Violin case, piles of papers, rich pipe tobacco, sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. Oh no not another Morrissey quote (stop yourself Michael)

Drinking Tea with a taste of the Thames, sullenly on a chair on the pavement…..

Nervousness apparently robs me of what little blog narrative discipline I have.

I used to go to this crappy fake 50s diner in Florida before I read Ghost World called…I think…Angie’s. The one I go to in Queens is at least actually a classic old structure, and a pretty good, if not overpriced, joint. But I go for the odd view of the highway and the Formica booth. The little mini jukebox where I play Elvis, Elvis, Elvis and Motown. It’s so busy on weekends, that I only go on these random weekdays I have off, when I need to slow my mind down a bit. Perhaps decaf next time then eh?

After receiving such generous praise for my prose in the comment section, I realize this posting sounds like a  jangling tambourine, and not in a good way.

I’ll write something this weekend after the gig is behind me. There is actually a crime which has occurred in my hometown which has sent my thoughts reeling. I will collect them for you soon.


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  1. daniel rivera said, on November 24, 2008 at 5:44 am

    hello michael,

    as expected, your blog is beaming with insight, charm, and wit. the themes which you discuss and your pathological ‘quirks'(for a lack of a better word) always resonate.

    i am very disappointed i was unable to attend last thursdays release party. i’ve been quietly anticipating this moment since the demise of my favorite. however lately i’ve been bound by duty and obligation which have prevented me from attending quite a few secret history shows. though i did see a youtube clip of you all performing ‘my life with the living dead’ which just sent me into a frenzy. but all is not so bleak, i see there will be a performance on the 19 of december, which i surely will attend.

    i know none the above is really in relation to what you’ve shared here, but i wanted to express some kind of appreciation for your words and music. im awaiting the ep’s arrival. i certainly am eager to read this sicilian novella. albeit threes paragraphs.


  2. Luke said, on December 2, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Just thought it was funny that Tania and I have been rewatching the Twin Peaks DVDs in what seems like a lifetime. It still astounds the both of us that this was ever network TV. As two people who barely watch anything that’s on nowadays we are thankful to the TV gods who ever thought this would make a viable television series.

    By the way, how is the pie at the Jackson Hole “Airline” diner?

  3. wishingforpeace said, on December 3, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Michael, you’re killing me! This is what, your fourth blog now‽

    I’m loving the new sound, especially Our Lady of Pompeii (I’m stationed in Afghanistan). I heard (and saw on youtube) that you’ve covered a few of your old songs- any plans to bring back Kimberly Shock the World?

    By the way, the weekend has passed!

  4. Michael Grace, Jr said, on December 3, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    This is only my second blog!!! Ummm not counting the communiques i did on the old lostdetective site, so I guess that makes, three…sort of.

    “You change with the weather, and this is the rain…”- lloyd cole

    I know, I’m behind again. Hopefully later today I’m going to steal an hour to write something. Thanks for the support. I’m glad you like “pompeii,” that means a lot coming from someone who is out there serving. “Kimberly, Shock The World’ Eh…you know too much.

    Stay safe,

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